Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chocolate Facial

This Decadent Anti-Aging Facial Deep Cleans and Helps Defy the Signs of Aging.

Reg. $90.00
Special $80.00

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

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Urban Retreat Spa & Salon
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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Style Alert! Off The Shoulder Tops!

Style Alert!
Off the shoulder is in!
The Boheme Style off the shoulder is the new Summer look.

You can have the new trendy summer look, because it's now at Urban Retreat! Stop by and pick up yours before they're gone.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Urban Retreat Spa & Salon
Relax at home!
Picture a candle lit bathroom, a warm bath with lavender aromatics filling the room, a skin smoothing salt scrub that leaves a luxurious velvety oil coating on your skin and lotions ready for a full body massage. Sounds like heaven!
Urban Retreat Spa and Salon has your at home spa experience ready for you to create. Bring in the coupon below and receive 20% off recommended spa products.
Refined Benefits
Refined Benefits is a local Salt Lake family-run business. One of the Owners (Kierstin) has problems with dry, itchy skin; brought on by an autoimmune disease called, Sjogrens syndrome. Living in the dry climate of Utah has made her need for skin hydration even more necessary. Since creating Refined Benefit, Kierstin and her husband are finding amazing natural ingredients that are dramatically improving the quality of our skin every day.
Prices Range from $5.00 - $26.00

A local Utah company that is carefully tailored using only the finest components. From their soy blend of wax, hand blown glass and delicate packaging to their rich personal care formulas and fragrances which contain essential oils. Each product is mindfully created.
"Sophisticated and refined, our fragrances are designed to enhance your atmosphere and evoke the ambiance you desire"Prices range from $25-$57


Europe's most romantic ancient capitals is the focus of OPI's new color line. Featuring 12 new lacquer shades to evoke the sumptuous elegance and grandiose splendor of the floating city, and 3 new limited edition shades which are full of Italian glamour. The OPI Venice Collection brings the alluring spirit of Venice to life anywhere.  
  • A Great Opera-tunity
  • It's a Piazza Cake
  • Worth a Pretty Penne
  • Tiramisu for Two
  • Amore at the Grand Canal
  • Gimme a Lido Kiss
  • Be There in a Prosecco
  • I Cannoli Wear OPI
  • Gelato on My Mind
  • Purple Palazzo Pants
  • O Suzi Mio
  • My Gondola or Yours?
  • Venice the Party? (Limited-edition)
  • Baroque...But Still Shopping (Limited-edition)
  • St. Mark's the Spot (Limited-edition)
20% off At Home Spa Products
Bring in this coupon and receive 20% off all Refined Benefit products (bath salts, scrubs, oils and kits), Paddy Wax Candles, and Mosaiq products (candles, soaps and lotions) at Urban Retreat Spa and Salon.

Offer Expires 10/30/15. Not valid with any other offer. One coupon per customer.
20% off Spa Pedicures
Bring in this coupon and receive 20% off your next Spa Pedicure at Urban Retreat Spa and Salon.

Offer Expires 10/30/15 Not valid with any other offer. One coupon per customer.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Chemical Peels at Urban Retreat

Urban Retreat Spa & Salon
Welcome to Urban Retreat Spa & Salon
Dear Toni,
In this newsletter you'll discover a new love and understanding for chemical peels. Now through OCTOBER 31st, you'll receive a discount on our in house chemical peels. See below for the coupon cutout.
Chemical Peels
What are chemical peels?
Chemical peels are when a chemical solution is applied to the skin in order to create a controlled wound. The chemicals or acids dissolve the "glue" that holds skin cells together.  

Why do we want to create a wound to our skin?
Our skin has an incredible rate of repair. When you create a wound to your skin you are forcing the dead and damaged skin cells to slough off thus leaving the skin healthier with a more youthful appearance.

How do chemical peels work?
In order to understand how chemical peels work you need to understand a little bit about the different acids we use. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids are the most common used for chemical peels. AHA's work from the inside out by penetrating into the skin and essentially pushing things out. BHA's or salicylic acid works from the outside in and "melts" your top layers of dead skin. BHA's work very well for acne as they are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

How can chemical peels help with fine lines and wrinkles?
Our body has an elaborate wound healing process. Once we create the wound our body will immediately send fibroblasts to the area. A fibroblast is cell produced in our body that is responsible for making collagen and elastin. So essentially you are creating a wound and so forth creating more collagen and elastin. The wound healing process can take up to 6 months to complete and that is why some will see delayed results.

Why would I want to get a chemical peel?
Chemical peels can help with the appearance of certain types of acne, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damaged skin, age spots, mild scarring, and improve the look and feel of the skin.

How many chemical peels do I need to see results?
We usually recommend a series of 3-6 peels depending on the level of damage present on your skin. Once your series is complete we suggest you do quarterly refresher peels to maintain your results.

How do I know what kind of chemical peel to get?
The best thing to do is schedule a facial and we will do a thorough skin analysis. We will determine how deep and severe the damage is and create a plan for your skin. We will determine how many chemical peels you will need and at what level. Don't have time for a facial? We offer free consultations.

Contributing Professional: 

Rachel Reynolds 
Master Esthetician 

Rachel is a Master Esthetician that specializes in eyelash extensions. She loves all aspects of esthetics, she enjoys helping people to feel and look their best. She takes great pride in her work and loves to see her clients smile at the end results. She loves animals, especially dogs and hopes to one day own an animal rescue sanctuary.

Toni Taylor
Urban Retreat Spa & Salon
Save 20%
Save on Urban Retreat Spa and Salon's Chemical Peels. Bring in this coupon and receive 20% off our chemical peel single services and series of 3 or 6 sessions.
Offer not valid with any other offer or discount.
Offer Expires: 10/31/15

At Home Facial

At Home Facial
Pamper Yourself
Jump start Chemical Peel Season with products from our spa. In this blog you'll find ways to incorporate the peel preparation treatment to get your skin ready for "Peel Season".
Facial Know How:
Cleanse: Remove makeup from the face and eyes.

Exfoliate: Removing the surface dead skin cells allows for deeper penetration of whichever product you put on next. This process will leave your skin smooth and clearer, cleaning out the pores.

Treat: Using AHA's or other facial acids will help minimize wrinkles and pigmentation. This at home treatment is great to use two weeks before having a professional treatment in the spa. Using products with mulberry, bearberry and licorice extracts will help lighten pigmentation as well.

Hydrate: Replacing moisture is key for warding off dryness and flakiness.

Prevent: Sunblock is the number one method of preventing new pigmentation from forming.
Urban Retreat Facial Product Recommendations:
Gentle Facial Wash
Excellent for all skin types, this gentle wash provides both anti-aging and exfoliation benefits and won't upset even the most sensitive of skins.

Anti-aging Exfoliant Masque
Designed to amplify the penetration benefits of alpha hydroxy acids, Anti-Aging Exfoliant Masque improves skin firmness, tone and texture with a blend of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids and jojoba beads. Essential lipids and pharmaceutical grade botanicals help repair and protect the skin.
PC 10 AA Micro Scrub
The Professional Micro Scrub with PC10 is the perfect alternative to microdermabrasion and is safer for the skin too. The inclusion of corundum crystals break away damaged corneocytes to effectively exfoliate the skin.

PC10 AA Mask

Our Wrinkle Prescription Masque with PC10 is an anti-aging powerhouse. It harnesses therapeutic ingredients to facilitate the skin's ability to prevent wrinkles by relaxing the muscles and slowing the mechanism of facial contractions. Infused with active minerals to assist in feeding the skin to further encourage firmer, healthier skin.
Living Cell Clarifier

This unique formula uses the natural tyrosinase inhibitors of bearberry, licorice, and mulberry extracts along with phytic acid to reduce melanin production and help brighten the skin. Daily use can lessen discolorations associated with acne, sun, trauma, hormones and any chemical or laser procedure quickly, safely and effectively.

Facial Hydrator
Facial Hydrator is a lightweight, hydrating and anti-aging serum that helps accelerate cell renewal and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid and Yeast Beta Glucans provide continuous hydration while Green Tea, and Ivy protect and strengthen the skin from harmful free radicals.
Retinol Restart Rejuvenation Cream
Retinol Restart Rejuvenation Cream is a revolutionary wrinkle repair product which provides the maximum potency of Retinol vitamin A-fundamental for the formation of younger acting, healthy skin. This highly advanced formula also contains a peptide compound clinically proven to stimulate all protein structures of the skin, resulting in reduced wrinkles, improved elasticity and an even skin tone
Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
A clinically proven, anti-aging eye cream with peptide technology to produce superior hydration, plumping, and wrinkle reduction.

Photo-Age Protection Gel 15
Protect and moisturize your skin with FDA tested and approved, ultra light, non-oily UVA/ UVB broad spectrum protective formula. Green tea extract provides antioxidant defense against future sun damage while liposomes deliver essential moisture to the skin.

Photo-Age Protection Gel 30
Prevent environmental aging assaults using this FDA tested and approved UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection formula that blends perfectly with any makeup, skin care or after shave product. Bio-blended and safe for all skin types, this light formula contains the antioxidant and immune boosting power of green tea and echinacea extracts.

20% OFF
Glymed Products 

Bring in this coupon and receive 20% off these Glymed Products: Gentle Facial Wash, AHA Exfoliant Masque, PC 10 AA Micro Scrub, PC10AA Mask, Living Cell Clarifier, Facial Hydrator, Retinol Restart Rejuvenation Cream, Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream, Photo-Age Protection Gel 15 & 30.

Not valid with any other offer. Offer expires 9/30/15

Urban Retreat Chemical Peels 

Bring in this coupon and save 20% off our in house chemical peels. Call or go to to find out more about our peel services.
Not valid with any other offer. Offer expires 9/30/15